Tuesday Role Playing Games Nights @ LAG

Every Tuesday night from 6 – 10pm – £6 on entry – free drink and snack with paid entry – DMs running games on the night play for free

Please note: Mask wearing is currently OPTIONAL for shopping and gaming in-store but will return if needed.

Entry permitted from 5pm for those wanting an early start. Organise games with friends, meet and play any role playing game, use our miniatures and tiles if you wish, meet fellow role players, find new friends.

RPG games usually played include but are not limited to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and Starfinder at present. Any other kind of Role Playing game is fine to play on this night.

If you are a Dungeon Master, you play for free on this night, but please try and bring some friends along to join in. We can find new players to join your games too.

Newbies very welcome and if you are new to the store and our evenings, your first night is FREE!