Thursday “Play Anything” Nights @ LAG

Every Thursday night from 6 – 10pm – £6 per player on entry
Prebooking not necessary at present

Come and play games from our board game library. Bring your own in, meet friends and play. Play a wargame on a big table. Run a Role Playing game with friends. Play Magic: The Gathering or any other TCG. Bring a games console in. hook it up to one of our big TVs and play with your mates.

You can play anything you fancy on a Thursday night. It’s £6 a night from 6-10pm.

Our front door on the high street is closed from 5pm. Please use our rear entrance which can be found directly opposite the car entrance to the Westgate Multi Storey car park. Please use your sat-nav to find the car park if you are unsure.