MTG Standard Showdown on Alternate Saturday Afternoons


STARTS on SATURDAY 9th OCTOBER 2021 – 1pm to 5pm

  • Masks are currently MANDATORY TO PLAY, sanitisation available in-store, tables are back to being in rows and social distancing will not be enforced in accordance with current government guidelines post-19th July 2021
  • A regular slot every 2 weeks for a Standard tournament on a Saturday afternoon
  • Alternate Saturdays – alternates with MTG Commander / EDH on a Saturday Afternoon
  • Can be pre-booked or turn up on the day
  • Every player gets a free promo card, top 3 plus a random player gets an FNM promo pack.
  • We’ll play 3-4 x 45 minute rounds depending on turnout
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have already paid in the morning to play casual, you can take part in this event FOR FREE!

Availability: 19 in stock