Due to COVID restrictions in the UK and the national lockdown we are closed online and in the high street until at least 2nd December 2020. You are able to view what we have in-store here, but not purchase. As soon as we are able to open again we will.



We’re about to enter a national Lockdown in the UK and we’ll be closed until 2nd December 2020 at the very earliest. Our physical store won’t be open, our online store will not be operating and we’ll not be able to run ANY events. We’ve always worked hard to run Organised Play at Lost Ark Games in Stevenage. For over 9 years we’ve been on the high street inviting local gamers in to play. We’d like this to continue.

If you love Magic and our weekly Friday Night Magic please pledge £20 to our cause. Times are hard for everyone and this smaller pledge is for those who really want to support us but are only able to pledge a smaller sum. In return you will get the following:

  • When we reopen, as soon as we’re able to run safe FNM’s again, you will be invited to a very special Casual Commander EDH Friday Night Magic event only available to pledgers with some great prizes.
  • On the night you attend, we will give you an official  promo pack only available at FNM’s.

All promo packs will be randomly selected and from previous MTG card releases. Backing this pledge will help contribute to our continued success when we can reopen again. THIS IS ONLY RUNNING UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 2020.